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Lightfoot for U.S. Senate
For Gail Lightfoot the Libertarian ideals of freedom are the daily reality of life.  Read about taking freedom back to the people locally through countless acts and a lifetime of service which speaks eloquently to all political viewpoints.  As the child of Revolutionary freedom fighters she understands the price of freedom for every one of us.  
Lightfoot for U.S. Senate ® copyrighted by Epiphany Press  

Are you ready for Freedom? 
        Join me in making it happen.  
       This is the campaign to change our world.    - Gail
Donate, sign up to be a part of a campaign which will change the paradigm this election year.   

We are now appointing county campaign coordinators for California.

Contact Campaign Headquarters and get involved!    
Gail Lightfoot, consistent on the issues - See her past races