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Lightfoot for U.S. Senate
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Fourteen of the candidates for U.S. Senate vying to fill the seat vacated by Barbara Boxer.  Gail is in white, smiling, as always.  Here is the announcement:

California U. S. Senate Candidates 
Open to All Debate
Monterey May 15, 2016

All 34 U. S. Senate candidates on the California June 7, 2016 ballot have been invited to participate in a debate 
May 15th at the Monterey Youth Club
777 Pearl St. Monterey, CA 93940

The U. S. Senate debate will start at 2 pm and go ‘til about 5:30 pm. A week before the event all candidates will be provided with the questions they will all be asked during the Debate.

Following the U. S. Senate debate there will be a Forum for every candidate who will appear on the June 7th primary ballot to take the stage and address the audience. This goes on until 8 pm.

Video commercial will run on Monterey cable TV daily until the event. Press Releases are going throughout the state. You can help promote this and any other ‘free for all’ candidate events by sharing this announcement with everyone you can reach including all local media.

Bring your Friends, Family, Campaign committees with cameras and video recorders. This is an opportunity to show that we don’t need the major media focusing on their few selected ‘leading’ candidates to bring our messages to the Voter of California. One success can lead to similar success in other parts of the state. Start thinking and planning other similar events in other centralized locations.

This will be a great even!